Mt. Pinatubo Tour Package

2,500 php per person

*minimum of 5 pax per group reservation, maximum of 10 pax

*72 Hours Advance Booking

*weather conditions affect the schedule


Transportation, Crater Trek using 4x4, Service and Local Mountain Guide

Terms and Conditions:

1.) 50 years old and up will undergo mandatory blood pressure test at Capas Tourism Office prior to climb.

2.) Kids 5 years old and  below are free but they only allow 1 free kid per jeep. Furthermore, you need to send a letter of request to them that the child is physically fit and that they are liable for their child's safety.

If 60 years old and up that's when they'll required them to bring medical certificate from reputable medical institution certifying that they are physically fit to participate in this activity.

3.) Pets are NOT permitted during the trek